Traverse XL: An EXCEL-based Program for Entering, Displaying, and Analyzing Spatial Measurement Data

Fredericks, B. and M.G. Wing. 2006. Traverse XL: An EXCEL-based program for entering, displaying, and analyzing spatial measurement data. Surveying and Land Information Science 66(1):65-72.

ABSTRACT: Recording and examining spatial measurements of resources and structures are important skills within many survey engineering and earth science disciplines. The entry, display, and analysis of spatial measurement data can be accomplished through a variety of measurement software products, but software licensing costs and learning curves can sometimes hinder user access. Traverse XL is designed to facilitate the entry, display, and analysis of spatial measurement data. Measurement data for both polygon and linear traverses can be input through a variety of measurement formats and are easily edited. A traverse map display is provided that allows users to view traverse geometry as data are entered. A coordinate adjustment routine is available for polygon traverses, which creates a geometrically closed figure through the use of standard survey engineering calculations. Several coordinate geometry and conversion functions are also provided in a data conversion utility. Traverse XL is built within the EXCEL spreadsheet environment, and it provides a flexible platform in which to manipulate and view spatial data. Completed traverse data can be easily copied from Traverse XL and used in other applications. Users can view all formulas that are used for data manipulations within Traverse XL and customize the formulas for their specific needs. Traverse XL is an accessible software package suitable for working with resource measurement data.

Traverse XL software is provided free of charge "as is" with no assurances of software performance. Please click on the link below to save a copy of the software to your computer.

Traverse XL